Intelsat-38/Azerspace-2 fully equipped with IberEspacio’s panels launched on board Arianespace VA243 Ariane 5 Mission

Intelsat-38/Azerspace-2 launched fully equipped with IberEspacio’s panels

Equipped with 12 aluminum panels manufactured by IberEspacio with more than 70 embedded Heat Pipes, the telecommunications satellite Intelsat-38/Azerspace-2 has been launched on-board and Ariane 5. Among the thermo-structural panels produced by IberEspacio are the North and South panels, battery panels, Service Module panels and electronics panels.

The satellite, designed and manufactured by SSL, is a condosat -a satellite with separate operator payloads on the same spacecraft bus- will provide television broadcast services in Central and Eastern Europe as well as broadband internet for Africa.


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