Intelsat 31 in preparation for Launch at Baikonur

Intelsat 31 in orbit and working flawlessly

The 20 kW class telecommunications satellite Intelsat 31 was successfully put in orbit by a Proton rocket and has performed post-launch maneuvers according to plan. The satellite will now fire its main thruster to travel to its final geostationary orbit. The satellite was built by the American manufacturer Space Systems Loral for the operator Intelsat and will provide Direct-to-home television services in Latin America.

IberEspacio has provided two thermo-structural radiator panels with embedded heat pipes. These panels are designed for the output multiplexers, electric units that are part of the radio transmission equipment in charge of combining multiple signals into one. This very high dissipative equipment works at 125 ºC and thus requires a high temperature panel that IberEspacio can provide thanks to its highly advanced panel manufacturing technologies and capabilities.


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