DTR Fully Qualified by IberEspacio

IberEspacio’s Deployable Thermal Radiator for Electra Successfully Qualified

IberEspacio has complete the qualification of the Deployable Thermal Radiator (DTR) for Electra telecommunications platform, a full-electric platform developed by German satellite manufacturer OHB.

The panel has been completely designed by IberEspacio and has finish the qualification campaign, also under IberEspacio responsibility, that included all the required test to demonstrate its functionality in flight conditions: thermal, mechanical and functional tests. Now the DTR Flight Model is ready for delivery to the customer and integration in the platform.

The DTR is a 2,5 square meters structure that radiates heat by both sides, allowing to Electra platform to increase the heat reject capability without increasing the total size of the spacecraft. The DTR completed with two Loop Heat Pipes that collect the heat from the satellite and transport it to the radiator. Condenser lines are embedded inside the radiator. The DTR also has specific deployment mechanism and a new low profile developed and qualified Hold Down and Release Mechanism.

IberEspacio Qualified HDRM

IberEspacio Qualified Hold Down and Release Mechanism

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