HPRA of 3MI of MetOP SG

IberEspacio Qualifies the Radiator Subassembly of MetOp SG 3MI instrument

IberEspacio has successfully complete the qualification of the Heat Pipes and Radiator Assembly (HPRA), the subsystem responsible of evacuating the heat from the sensors of the 3MI instrument to guarantee the operational temperature.

The HPRA is composed of aluminum sandwich panel, ethane and ammonia Heat Pipes, Thermal blankets, supports and brackets. The temperature range of the structure is from -60ºC to 95ºC with the main radiator reaching temperatures of -125ºC.

MetOp SG, the Meteorological Operational Satellite Second Generation, is a series of six meteorological satellites developed by European Space Agency and EUMETSAT and will be launched from 2023 to 2037.


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