Hispasat 36w-1 Presentation - Elena Pisonero, Xavier Lobao and Juan Carlos Cortés with Industry representatives including Alejandro Torres, IberEspacio General Manager

Hispasat presents the H36W-1 to be launched 27th January

The spanish satellite operator has presened the Hispasat 36W-1, the new satellite developed in collaboration with ESA that will provide services to South America, Canary Islands and Iberian Peninsule. The satellite will be launched next 27th January from Kourou on board a Europeanized Soyuz Roket.

The presentation was attended by Elena Pisonero, president of HISPASAT, Juan Carlos Cortés, director of International Programmes at the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), and Xavier Lobao, head of Future Telecommunications Projects at the European Space Agency (ESA), but also by mayor Spanish space industry representatives including Alejandro Torres, IberEspacio General Manager.

The Hispasat 35W-1 will be the first OHB Small GEO satellite platform to be launched. Developed by the germane company, there is a very wide contribution of the Spanish space industry. IberEspacio is one of the contributors with the Propellant Supply Assembly of the Electric Propulsion system, the thermal control system of the ELSA antenna that includes Loop Heat Pipes and Heat Pipes, and Heat Pipes for panels, star trackers and reaction weels. In total, more than 132 thermal control hardware units designed and manufactured by IberEspacio will contribute to the succed of Hispasat satellite mission.



Hispasat Press Release

Illustration courtesy of Hispasat