Launch of Hispasat 36-W1, first Small Geo Platform, on board a Soyuz

Hispasat 36W-1 successfully launched with IberEspacio technology

The Hispasat 36W-1, previously known as Hispasat AG1, has been successfully launched from Kourou and will provide efficient broadband services to South America, Canary Islands and Iberian Peninsule. The satellite, the first to use OHB Small Geo satellite platform developed by OHB, comprises multiple IberEspacio technologies.

IberEspacio has developed and supplied for the Electric Propulsion the Propellant Supply Assembly, an electronic pressure regulator based on the Bang-Bang control logic. Also IberEspacio is responsible of the Thermal Control System of the ELSA antenna taking advantage of the combination of Heat Pipes and Loop Heat Pipes for high power management. Finally, IberEspacio has supplied 128 flight Heat Pipes including superficial Heat Pipes, embedded Heat Pipes, coupling Heat Pipes, Heat Pipes for the Star Tracker and Heat Pipes for the Reaction Wheel.



Hispasat Press Release

Illustration courtesy of Hispasat