Brisat telecommunications satellite arrives to Kourou

BRIsat arrives to Kourou for launch

The telecommunications satellite BRIsat has arrived to Kourou for its preparation for launch. The satellite, built by Space Systems Loral, will be put in orbit by an Ariane 5 rocket next 8th June.

Ordered by the PT Bank Rkyat Indonesia, the oldest bank of Indonesia, it is the first communications satellite dedicated to a financial institution and will provide coverage to more than 53 million customers distributed through the Indonesian archipelago.

IberEspacio has supplied the north and south main telecommunications radiator panels of the satellite to Space Systems Loral. Both panels are built with a honeycomb aluminum structure and have an embedded core composed of a complex network of Heat Pipes. The radiator panels, also part of the satellite structure, allow the homogeneous distribution and radiation to space of the heat generated by the electronic equipment.

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