Intelsat 31 in preparation for Launch at Baikonur

Intelsat 31 in orbit and working flawlessly


The 20 kW class telecommunications satellite Intelsat 31 was successfully put in orbit by a Proton rocket and has performed post-launch maneuvers according to plan. IberEspacio has provided two high temperature thermo-structural radiator panels.

Picture from the OLCI instrument of the satellite Sentinel 3A of Spain and Portugal

Sentinel 3A opens its eyes


The Earth Observation satellite Sentinel 3A started yesterday to send pictures taken with the Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI). One of those pictures is a georgeous image of Portugal and Spain.

Artist's view of the Sentinel 3A over the earth. The Sentinel 3A includes IberEspacio Heat Pipes and Thermal Blankets.

Sentinel 3A in orbit


The Earth Observation satellite Sentinel-3A, the third of the Europe’s Copernicus environment programme, was successfully launched from Plesetsk, Russia, by a Rockot yesterday at 17:57 GMT.

Two galileo satellites being launched by the Soyuz VS13 mission

Galileo 11 and Galileo 12 in orbit


After a 3 hours and 47 minutes flight after launch, two new Galileo satellites are in orbit. Even if the constellation of 30 satellites will not be fully in orbit before 2018, the Galileo 11 and 12 will allow to the European Commission to start Galileo services by end 2016.

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